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01 June 2011 @ 09:26 pm
Yesterday was the Worst. Day. Ever. Holy crap. Around 3:00, Justin was chopping lettuce with a mandolin/vegetable slicer, and cut the very tip of his right pinky nearly off. Blood everywhere. No car. No one else anywhere near us was home except one other family who didn't have a car. So we called 911, and they sent over an ambulance. He was stitched up by 5:00 or so, and having no way to get home, we walked. The Gardner police department recently closed down the only cab company in the city. Walking for an hour + my back = ow.  It's only like a mile and a half, but I had to stop and rest like 6 times on the way home.

So there I am exhausted, haven't eaten anything since the morning, and have only been home for a little over an hour.  And Lizzie goes to move the mandolin thing from where Justin left it when he got hurt. Aaaand, she drops it on her hand. Sliced the tip of her middle finger off, gashed open her ring finger. Justin was already dialing 911. We got the same EMT ladies, too. They said to throw out the mandolin. LOL. I think we will go one better and start buying pre-chopped food again. Anyway, Lizzie got bandaged and stitched eventually, but two ambulances full of car accident people came in right before us, and they were in bad shape. By which I mean, fly-them-out-in-a-helicopter kind of shape. They were talking to the people's kids about whether there was a do not resuscitate order. I heard one teenaged guy say his mother had a broken hip, pelvis, and leg in several places. Ow.

Meanwhile, it was like 86°F and humid all day, so it was hot in the ER, and I still hadn't eaten anything.  When they were finally just about done stitching and bandaging Lizzie, I almost passed out. Literally. They had to take me outside in a wheelchair and feed me orange juice. The guy (orderly or medical assistant or something) said something about ER situations affecting your blood pressure. I told him I was on Lisinopril for high blood pressure. He said he used to be on that, too, and the same thing happened to him all the time when he saw blood. But when he switched to a different blood pressure med, it stopped bothering him.

Anyway, eventually we got finished, but by then it was like 11:00 at night. I tried to call a different cab company that advertised 24/7 service, but... they weren't open. WTF? Lizzie ended up calling a friend who was home from work and already sleeping. No walking home from the hospital twice in one day, thanks. Especially at borderline passout level.

And then I got home and realized that I bought the wrong kind of smoke detectors for the detector inspection we need to have before we close on the house loan. (Things were going well with that until the smoke detector thing. Mass Housing paid off all the back taxes and water bills we owed, saving us several thousand dollars.) Apparently I bought combination ionization smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors. But Massachusetts regulations require both ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors, plus carbon monoxide detectors. These were $30 each already. And they don't sell detectors that have all three in one thing. At least I can't find them anywhere. But it's cheaper to buy ionization + photoelectric smoke detectors with the CO detector separate than it is to buy what we've already got. So there I go. And I still have to call back the insurance company that never called me back about buying a year's worth of insurance up front, also before closing. Which is supposed to be next week. And the kids need more bandages. And we need groceries. And I am still so damned tired. FML.
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05 May 2011 @ 03:25 am
Today I have discovered the joy that comes with not giving a shit. In order to get the house, I need Sean to sign over several thousand dollars of his 401K. He just got out of jail last week. He doesn't think he can get it done this month. And our current deadline is in like a week. But you know what? I don't give a shit. You know who loses the worst if I don't get to re-buy the house? Mass /housing. Unless I can't get another place in time. We can't afford an apartment on our income. A 3 bedroom apartment in Gardner runs like $1300 - $1500/month. But..  We were going to pay $74K for this house, plus another $11K or so in rehab funds. My next-door neighbor's house is 1-bedroom smaller than ours and has a garage (we don't). It's been empty for a long time. And it's currently up for sale for $56K. There are actually a lot of properties around that are selling for significantly less than we were going to pay for our house. And they're not all broke-ass needing repairs and a roof. We could stay in Gardner, or move to a nearby town. I've seen some good stuff in Leominster, Athol, and Ashburnham. Leominster would be great, because it's back toward civilization. And when the kids finish up at the Mount (community college) they are going to need to find a job or transfer to another school. All the jobs and other schools are in that direction. Ashburnham is a little closer in that direction, too. I saw a nice 5-bedroom, 1.5 bath 2-car garage on a flat lot there for ~$62K today.

So yeah. I e-mailed my lawyer and asked her if I should start looking around for another house to buy. Which will mean that I need a car, probably. Ugh. I need to get some brochures printed for Juniper & Lamplight, so I can start advertising. I need money coming in no matter what happens. Anyway, other than the irritating details, I'm much calmer now that I have decided not to give a shit. We'll end up somewhere. And if we don't get any 401K money in time for house buying, then I'm getting a car with it. If I already have a car by then, I'll give that one to Lizzie.

All money making ideas are welcome, btw. LOL.
Ok, that made me giggle. I like them. I wonder if I can make it stay that way? Probably not. :-/

Anyway, zillion things going on here as usual. I have to make up a thing of body spray for Marian. I did the lotion for her intern already. Made some samples. Made a tester. Need to figure out how this direct sales party is going to work. We have 90 billion scents by now, and I'm not sure how to make it so people can smell them all without spending a fortune I don't have in product and packaging.

Plus I am supposed to be saving up for a car, and for the closing costs on my mortgage-to-be. Yeah. Good luck to me.

House situation: We reached an agreement with Mass Housing for $74K for the house. That will include the lead loan we owed them from when we de-leaded. The appraiser guy came out and said the house is worth $97K. The bank was willing to loan up to 80% of the appraisal, so Andrea (lawyer) is trying to work out whether they'll cover the whole thing or not. If not, we have a second company who will cover the rest. Plus I've got $11K coming for repairs from Liberty Mutual from the fire, once we finally close on the loan. W00t. Meanwhile, I have to raise closing costs (unless we can somehow get them rolled in) of like $4-6K. Hah. But we've done preliminary paperwork, and we're getting everything sorted for next week. We won't be closing until May, I think.

Strangely, I'm feeling a bit like my parents here. They always did a ton of work on their houses before they sold them, and then they moved. And I'm thinking maybe we should put a ton of work into the house, get it all nice, and then move in a couple of years. I have never lived anywhere as long as I have lived here, and it's weird. But mostly, I'm kind of getting sick of living out here in the middle of nowhere where there is pretty much nothing. On the plus side, Lizzie overheard the the MART bus driver saying that they will be putting in a Market Basket and a Lowe's down the street from my house, where the stinky factories that smelled like acetone were. So yay!! Market Basket is THE BEST grocery store EVER!!! You seriously get twice as many groceries there for the same price as you'd get at Stop & Shop. And PLEASE let there be some other good stuff that comes along with those. Plus, jobs are good.

Anyway, back to the house, I had the city send Andrea the documents explaining how much I owe in back taxes and water bills. I stopped paying those a while back in case they threw me out of the house. But if I'm settling up when I get the new mortgage, then she wants to total up what is owed. So yeah.

Meanwhile I'm working on my M4 character, who keeps developing seams in weird places. Like I'll swear I fixed a seam, but then there's a new and different seam there anyway. ARGH! But my morph is done (thank you to Dave from Blacksmith 3d - you are my freaking HERO!!), my textures are nearly done, and my promos are semi-done. And then I have feet, a morph, makeup & seams to do on a V4 character, and she's good to go, too. She's going to Rendo. The M4 guy is going to DAZ if they'll have him, otherwise Rendo too.

And I have to finish rereading The Wheel of Time. LOL. I'm keeping pace (more or less) with Brandon Sanderson, who is also rereading before he writes the last book. Which is totally cool!! I can't believe it's coming to an end!  I've been reading this thing since my kids were too little for school, and they're in college now. But anyway, Brandon & I are on book 4 The Shadow Rising. Coolness.

I would have a lot more time to do all this crap if it wasn't for stupid Zynga penalizing me in my freaking games when I don't have time for them. Which, well, I'm starting to not even care. Screw 'em. Kill my fish, then. FU

So tonight, I'm working on the body spray, maybe some more samples, and the M4 seams. Speaking of which, I freaking HATE DS. Like A LOT. DS people are on their own. I can't make decent material settings to save my life. But I hauled a halfway normal render out of the thing, anyway. I wonder if I can get a normal-looking render in Carrara.
03 February 2011 @ 12:31 am
I am overwhelmed. This is not surprising. I think it's becoming my default state. Anyway, I've got nine million things going on, and as usual, they all need money. Effing hell. But yeah.

I was supposed to have housing court on Tuesday. But then it was snowing a lot, the courthouse gave the lawyers the wrong time. (This is typical of Gardner.) So the other lawyer decided that he(?) could settle the matter on the phone after all, b/c he didn't feel like waiting around for it to snow more. Anyway, Mass Housing is going to look at the offer from me/my lawyer/the credit union/the rehab loan place, and decide if they want to counter offer. And so court is postponed until next week. But if/when I finally manage to get an offer across to re-buy the house, I'm going to have to come up with closing costs and a year's worth of insurance payments. I might be able to get that rolled into some of the loan, but who knows?

Meanwhile, I have to get the bath & body business off the ground. So I need to figure out what kinds of supplies I need to get for the first direct sales party. Which will cost money, of course. Ingredients, more labels (need to design those), more bottles, blah, blah. Then I need to finish the stupid web site without making myself blind from staring at the computer screen.

And I still need a freaking car. (Note to self: cancel insurance on car-that-is-not-here-anymore.)

The dumpster was a success, at least. We got rid of a ton of stuff. And the Epilepsy Foundation is coming on Monday morning to pick up a bunch of stuff we're donating. Woo-hoo! Some of it is brand new (twin sheets still in the package, but we got rid of the twin beds). And I didn't want to just toss it, but I can't drop it off anywhere, obviously. Also, Justin cleaned his room (more or less) for the first time in like ten years! Miracle!

Anyway, yeah. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Tired. Therapy in the morning. So clearly I should go watch the Alien Nation DVDs that came from Netflix.
10 January 2011 @ 01:21 am
When vampires drink blood, we call it a horror movie. When humans drink blood, we call it church.
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07 January 2011 @ 07:17 am
I am so sick of going to pay my phone bill and finding fraudulent charges on it. ESBI is a known racket, where they bill you for something you never ordered and hope you don't notice when you look at your bill. I had to get charges reversed from them last year. I had to get charges reversed from them in November. Both times I asked Verizon to put a block on them charging me for anything. And yet I just went to pay my current phone bill, and there they are charging me again. WTF? Do I have to put the Verizon billing department on speed dial so I don't have to look up their number every month for the rest of my life? They open in 45 minutes. At which time, they had better fix this permanently.
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29 November 2010 @ 03:31 am
The curse strikes again! So yeah, my car died, and I have to save up for another one. And now I'm getting penalized $70/month on my SSI, until I've "paid back" all the money anybody made at CGR when we were with Content Parasite. Er. Paradise. Fine. Whatever. And this month my Amazon Prime membership comes up for renewal, which, not having a car, I totally need. And I just had to replace the cordless phone set I bought a while back, because 3/4 of the phones weren't working. POS AT&T *grumble mumble* And now... my microwave just died tonight.

So I have to order a new microwave online, because it's not like Justin can bring one home on the bus. Yay, fun. Every microwave I look at that costs < $200 or so has a ton of bad reviews. Some of them also have good reviews, but nearly every one has several people saying "it doesn't heat evenly," or "it died after a few months." Lower wattage ones also have "it burned my popcorn," and "it takes 10 minutes to heat a cup of water to lukewarm." :-/ Great. My dead GE microwave is only a few years old, and it was an expensive model. I want to say it was supposed to be over $200. I forget. Anyway, it was mislabeled at WalMart, so we got it for like $80. But still, it should have lasted more than a few years, I thought. Apparently not. Maybe I should start keeping a log of when I buy stuff, so I can say later, "hey, that died in a year and a half." Although I guess I can do that anyway if I buy it on Amazon.

But yeah, I'm down to two choices finally. One is a $98 Haier (1.0 cu. ft. 1000 watt) from Amazon, that would get here Tuesday for $3.99 or Wednesday for free. The other is a $79 Magic Chef (1.6 cu. ft. 1100 watt) from Home Depot. Either will blow my circuit breaker if I plug it in my room. Hall plugging again, I guess. Hmm. Maybe that's why the old one died. It kept tripping the switch until I plugged it into the hall. Stupid ancient house. Well, if we ever find out that we're staying, I guess I can fix up the kitchen and move it down there. But the really cheap tiny ones have hideous ratings. Meh.

On top of all that, I ordered the stuff for making my first bath & body products (before I knew the microwave was about to die). So I need to buy bottles for packaging. Life makes me tired.
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17 November 2010 @ 01:54 am
So yeah. I shouldn't have spent the money on the starter. Because my car died completely last Tuesday. We went out for Chinese buffet in Fitchburg, and we ended up stranded on the highway with... tummy trouble. Very unpleasant. Another $65 for a tow, and now I've got a hunk of junk in my driveway. So I guess I'll be calling the guys who junked my last car. I just wish I hadn't filled up with gas right before we ate that night. Anyway, carless again. The kids are back to taking the MART bus to school. And I have to figure out a way to get another car.

Meanwhile, I haven't heard from the lawyers about the house. I'm really trying not to stress about it, but... *sigh*

Anyway, I thought I had a good plan to start getting more money. But I'm really not sure how I'm going to get there from here. What I want to do is make bath & body products (and possibly expand into cosmetics) from home, and sell them. I've found suppliers for base products, ingredients, packaging, labeling, etc., and I have a friend who has offered to host some direct sales/home parties for me. But I can't quite figure out the startup money, especially now that I need a car. I did read yesterday that the Recovery Act provides loans for startup business. So I think I'm going to look into that. But it's so overwhelming to do this by myself.

Also, my furnace broke, and I had to call the repair guy. He made it go. It was iffy at first, but it seems to be ok now. But I've got to get it cleaned soonish, and possibly have some bits on it replaced. Assuming we stay here. I'm not paying for any of that if we're going to get kicked out.

22 October 2010 @ 02:49 am
Nothing interesting happening lately. Mostly just SSDD. I repaired my toenail with glue and nail acrylic, so now it looks like an actual toenail instead of a badly-wallpapered approximation of one.

The starter on my car died last week while I was waiting to pick up Lizzie from college, and I had to pay $35 for the tow guy to come out. But between him and an automotive student, they got me going again and I ended up not needing a tow. I had Justin spot me the $ for a starter and Lizzie for a... some thing that is electrical and attaches to the starter or some such. Her boyfriend is trying to fix it. Now is a good time for me to figure out how the heck I'm going to earn the money to replace the car once it finally dies. Meanwhile, I hope he can fix it because I'm at about the edge of the amount of money I'm willing to spend on this POS thing. And I'm running out of groceries. Also, the nearest bus stop is apparently further away from my house than anywhere I ever need to go. Even though I can almost see the main station from here. (There are buildings and trees in the way.) The buses don't appear to actually stop at the station.

What else? Um... replaced my George Foreman grill for $50 at WalMart (I paid more than twice that for the first one, and it's the same model.) Will try not to love this one to death.

Oh! I lied! I went out with almost all of my bestest, bestest college (university) friends two weeks ago. That was exciting! (Ok, it's not so much that I lied; it's more that I forgot I hadn't written about it yet.) Anyway, Scott couldn't make it b/c he's in Florida, and Gina couldn't make it for personal reasons. But everybody else from the main crew went (Mat, Kelli, Joe, Kris, Karen, Trish, & Laurel). We went to some restaurant/bowling alley in a mall in Dedham. This was a new experience for me, as I did not know such places even existed. Much less that they had karaoke in the back room (in which we did not participate). A guy in an Elvis suit won like $250 from it. As we were leaving some drunk fat guy started singing Madonna. I'm pretty sure there is not enough beer in the world... Anyway, I had a really great (if surreal) time. And there was much hugging and munching of appetizers. With beer. I hope we can get at least some of us together when Scott is in town sometime. I don't see Gina being up for anything but maybe individual visits to her house. So maybe when I get a better car. She's about an hour and a half from here, and my current car doesn't want to go that far even if it does get fixed.

Gina spends a lot of time in Second Life, but I can't join her there. I just can't deal with SL. I get way too frustrated and upset trying to drive my stupid avatar person around. And then people are talking around me and I'm thinking "STFU, I'm stuck on a wall here!!" And I start freaking out that someone is going to start talking to me. And... damn, I couldn't even make it through the tutorial. So the whole experience was a mashed up pile of my frustration and annoyance at getting stuck in the corner on a bumper car ride, my inability to maneuver in a video game, and my aversion to talking to people I don't know. Freaky and horrible experience. At least it didn't involve a blond Bruce Willis. (Surrogates joke. Too obscure?) Or giant blue people with tails. (Better? Btw, am I the only person who didn't really like that movie? I thought it was decidedly meh.) Anyway, I'm glad G. has somewhere to go, but I'm sad that it's somewhere I can't handle. And that my car sucks. Fund raising suggestions are welcomed.
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03 October 2010 @ 08:24 pm
Ok, my nail polish thing is out of control. LOL. Actually, I think I'm set for a while. There are a few colors I really like and don't have, but not many. I think I can survive. Between the end of last month and today, I bought the entire Orly Cosmic FX set (6 microfoil/glitter colors). I actually had to order the 6th one online, and it hasn't come yet. Apparently it was so popular that it was sold out everywhere. Largely, I think, because scalpers bought them up to sell on eBay. Not cool. But post nail polish spree, I have an entire milk crate full of polishes and supplies, whereas pre-spree I just had a small basket of polishes and a few odds and ends like remover.

I also bought Paris Hilton's Celebrity Styler flat/curling iron thing today. That's going to take some getting used to, but people on Amazon gave it good reviews, so I'm hopeful. And since it was cold today, I ordered Polar Tec slippers. It's only going to get colder.